Classical Vintages

Muscadet Sur Lie “La Prestige du Coin aux Lièvres”

Grape Variety : 100% Melon de Bourgogne

Tasting : Pale yellow colour, bright green reflections, slightly golden. Nose very aromatic, and rich. Aromas of flowers, fresh fruit, minerality in the mouth. Very elegant wine.

Food Pairing : Oysters, seafood trays, shellfish, aperitif

Characteristics : This cuvée comes from the plot called Le Coin aux Lièvres. They are the oldest vines of our estate planted more than 70 years ago. This cuvée is harvested entirely by hand.

Muscadet sur Lie “Barrique des Noces”

Grape Variety : 100% Melon de Bourgogne

Tasting : Pale yellow colour, bright green reflections. Generous notes of fruits and white flowers. In the mouth, this Muscadet is fresh and fruity. It ends with a pleasant pearlant, typical of the Muscadet raised on its lees.

Food Pairing : Oysters, shellfish, seafood

History : In the wine region of Nantes, when a wedding was coming up in the family, we had to choose “the barrel of the wedding”. Friends and neighbours often came to give a hand to the family to choose the best Muscadet for the wedding. This “wedding barrel” was aged without racking. The Muscadet Sur Lie had just been born. This method typical from Nantes, consists in leaving the wines a whole winter without racking it. Thus, during that time, the wines stay on their lees. At spring, this excess of carbon dioxide gives the wine a light pearlant and contibute to preserve, thus, its freshness and vivacity.

Muscadet sur Lie “Fay du Moulin”

Grape Variety : 100% Melon de Bourgogne

Tasting : Clear, pale yellow colour with light green reflections. Bouquet and freshness characteristic of an ageing on Lees

Food pairing : Its freshness will go perfectly with seafood

Muscadet sur Lie “Haute Expression – Élevé en fût de chêne”

Grape Variety : 100% Melon de Bourgogne

Tasting : Golden yellow colour, bright yellow reflections. Aromatic intensity. Aromas of yellow fruits, notes of vanilla and caramel. Balanced and powerful wine on the palate.

Food Pairing : Aperitif, soft cheese

Characteristics : Aged in french oak barrels

Gros Plant

Grape Variety: 100% Folle Blanche

Tasting : Pale yellow colour. Fresh and bright wine.

Food Pairing : This unique wine, composed of 100% Folle Blanche is an appellation from Nantes. It is perfect pairing with seafood.